We test marketed our books with several school teachers as well as members of the general public and this is the feedback we received.


As a 65+ year old, these beautiful books stir my soul. They are such treasures that I read them over and over. I couldn't put each down until I had finished it. On with the next and next and next...Thank you 

Doris Freeland, retired teacher
Ontario Canada


As a fantasy lover and a grandmother too, I had to write and tell Dee and Ama that I could barely put this book down. A lot of books have you choose favorite charachters in the storyline, and with the exception of that mean old elf i loved everyone in the book. Katie and Savannah are funny and smart and very magical in their own right, along with Baby Dragon and Fairy Princess Teagan. They have now become my friends and I cant wait to read the other books by the Toybox Grannies. Its a really neat adventure book, when I was done reading it I loaned it to my mother to read and she wolfed down the storyline too. This is a must have book for children young or old. .

Cyndi Dorton
Independence Missouri
Contest Winner February 2009 


I am a teacher in Ontario Canada and I was asked by Dee to take this book to my classroom to see how the children would respond to it.  The book was a big hit.  The kids loved all the characters, especially Phineas Frog and the Baby Dragon.  The art work was very exciting for them, with lots of comments of "Let me see, let me see" as the book was passed around.  As a little assignment I had the students "edit" the book.  They had fun finding a few little errors that I am sure will be corrected in the next printing.  When I asked the students if they would like to see other books about Katie and her friends, they responded with a resounding "yes."
J.R. teacher
Ontario Canada


Welcome Children, Parents and fellow Teachers! Here is a book you can embrace together or your children can wrap their joy around it idependently. "The Agape Talisman" is a skillfully woven classical fantasy. It is a well-paced and compelling read. Sensitively languaged, this little gem is wonderfully attentive to both the vulnerability and resilience of the human condition. 
Olivia Preston, retired teacher
Ontario Canada