Who are The Toybox Grannies

Well to put it simply, we are Dee and ama. Dee is the grandmother of 3 and lives in Ontario, Canada where the winters are cold and long. Ama is the grandmother of 5 and lives in sunny Florida, USA, but has to dodge hurricanes. We have never met in person but have been the best of friends for many years. We met online in 2000 when we were both staff members of a web competition. We immediately formed a bond based on the great respect that we had for each other's artistic talents. It was not long before we were sharing the joys and heartaches of our personal lives as well. We have worked on many projects together, sharing our thoughts, ideas and talents. Along the way, as we discovered new tools or techniques we would say to each other..."I have a new toy for my toybox."....and thus the foundation for "The Toybox Grannies" was laid


DEE - In her own words

I love to write. I have been writing poetry and short stories since my very early teen years. I have had several poems published. However, until now my children's stories have been seen and read only by the friends and family members who have received them as gifts.

Although I have been encouraged for quite some time now, to share these stories with the rest of the world, I was never quite ready to do so until I met ama. Ama has the same passion for her art as I have for my writing. She has the remarkable ability to take the pictures from my head and place them on the paper for all to see. Each of us has a God given talent that we delight in and are proud of, but together we are so much more than each of us is on her own. Together we are "The Toybox Grannies".

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AMA - In her own words

I love toys, and as far back as I can remember I always loved to color with crayons and make crafts. As a child I made my doll furniture out of scraps of wood and little cardboard boxes. I spent hours setting up my little doll scenes and playing. One of my most memorable gifts was a little table and chair set for my Ginny Doll.

The computer is my favorite toy box, my brain is mostly creative, learning the puter part makes it a challenge. I started with free hand painting in Corel. Joining the Web Competitions opened my door to graphic art. Now it's 3D art, which is my ultimate toy, it brings me back to my childhood when I created little rooms with boxes and wood.

Now my good friend Dee, has given my 3D art a purpose, illustrating her words, We are having so much fun playing together, creating wonderful childrens books.

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